Sleeper v5.0.0 Update Incoming!

1 minute read

Sleeper (currently available on the BigBoss repo via Cydia) is getting a major update to 5.0.0 very soon. This update includes support for iOS 12 (via the latest jailbreak tools once they become available) as well as an entirely new feature: the ability to skip an alarm based on a date. This can be useful if you are planning a vacation or time off and don’t wish to completely turn off your alarm (so you don’t forget to reenable it later!). Along with this, I’ve added a section to select holidays based on country. For now, I only included the major holidays for the United States, but can very easily add holidays that are observed in different countries as well. Please contact me if you’d like to help me add your country to the list of holidays. I could also use help translating the new skip date interface into other languages; English is the only supported language so far.

I’ve created a video showing off the user interface and features you can find in this new update. Check it out below.

This update is set to go live whenever the iOS 12 tools become publicly available and stable for all users. This tweak is set to launch on the Chariz Repo and become available through both Cydia and Sileo.