FlixEnhancer 1.5.3 Released

1 minute read

Versions of Netflix starting with 10.8.0 had broken some FlixEnhancer functionality, primarily the forward skip functionality when viewing a video. This caused a crash if that feature was enabled.

It turns out that Netflix completely revamped this view, which caused a delay in completing/publishing a fix for the tweak (sorry about that!). I believe I’ve worked out all the kinks to ensure the latest versions are supported and it’s live now on the Cydia Store. As a reminder, FlixEnhancer should support every version of Netflix from 9.x.x to 10.x.x, meaning it works on iOS 8 to iOS 11.

My daily driver is still an iPhone 6s on iOS 9.3.3, which stopped receiving Netflix updates back on version 9.6.0. This makes it hard for me to determine when things break. Please do not hestitate to contact me directly (see the side bar on the left) if you’re having issues with this tweak, so I can look at it as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I still have some test devices running modern iOS (iPhone 5s on 10.3.3 and another iPhone 6s on 11.1.2). However, my iPad test device is on 9.3.3 as well, so it is impossible for me to test on a modern iPad.