Sleeper 4.0.0 Released

1 minute read

An update to Sleeper has been officially released on the Cydia Store via the BigBoss repository! Version 4.0.0 brings full iOS 11 support for users of the Electra jailbreak. It also brings a minor change which now displays the correct “Sleep Alarm” name when using the skip function with the Sleep/Bedtime alarm introduced with iOS 10. Show support for this tweak and grab a copy yourself for $0.99 directly on the Cydia Store.

Unfortunately, users on iOS 11 will have trouble purchasing this tweak if they don’t already own it. This is because the Cydia Store has yet to enable purchases on iOS 11 (rumor has it, this might not ever happen). Luckily, someone has created a tweak that allows users to purchase tweaks via the Cydia Store. Installing the tweak “MakeCydiaBuyAgain” will allow Electra users on iOS 11 buy Sleeper. You can grab that .deb file here. If you’re still having issues or can’t get it working, contact me directly and I’ll do my best to help get Sleeper on your device.

As a reminder, Sleeper is open source. You can view the source by visiting my GitHub page linked to the left. The latest source has yet to be pushed to the repo, but it will soon.